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What is Servo Feeder?

A servo feeder is a type of press feeding system that uses a servo motor to control the feeding of materials into a press. Unlike traditional feeders that use mechanical or pneumatic systems, servo feeders provide precise control over the feeding process, resulting in improved accuracy, higher speeds, and reduced waste.

Servo feeders are commonly used in high-speed stamping and forming operations where precision and accuracy are critical. The servo motor allows for precise control over the feeding process, allowing the system to maintain consistent material positioning and feeding speeds. This results in reduced scrap rates and increased productivity.

In addition to precision and speed, servo feeders offer several other benefits. They are typically more energy-efficient than traditional feeders, as they only use power when necessary, reducing overall energy consumption. They are also easier to set up and operate, as the control system allows for quick and easy adjustments to the feeding process.

Overall, servo feeders are an essential component in the manufacturing industry, providing a high-precision and reliable method for feeding materials into stamping and forming presses.