Mr.Perman, the founder and sole owner of CNCBUL.com International Machinery Investment Web Portal, has brought this initiative to the CNC Machine Tools sector by combining his experience in metalworking sector, cutting tools sector and cnc machine tools sales & marketing for more than 30 years and his knowledge of information technology.

CNCBUL.com is a valuable resource for companies that are looking to reduce their environmental impact. The company offers a number of features and services that help customers to choose sustainable CNC machining processes and to reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing operations.

The Cncbul.com Machinery Investment Web Portal operates the leading online network for used machines in Europe , USA , Asia, Middle East markets. Trusted sellers currently advertise over 15.000 machines on this platform. The company is constantly growing and is profitable from day one.
Cncbul is a Turkish techno initiative.

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