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Zeman Bauelemente Produktionsgesellschaft mbH a Lincoln Electric Company

In 1965 Mr. Hans Zeman and his Partners founded a company to produce structural steel buildings. Their first projects were completed under a fly roof or in the open air, before the first production hall was erected in Scheifling, a village in the foothills of the Alps. Early on, Zeman was developing and adapting rollforming machines for trapezoidal sheets production and quickly became the market leader in Central Europe. These are the roots of the Zeman Machines company.
April 1, 2021. Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: LECO) announced today that it has acquired Zeman Bauelemente Produktionsgesellschaft m.b.H. (“Zeman Bauelemente”), a division of the Zeman Group.

Our Machines

With our Steel Beam Assemblers, we bring automation to structural steel fabrication shops. We’ve been advancing our technologies since 1987 when we began to research and develop a new machine to make it possible to create the revolutionary SIN beam. Since then, we’ve built machines to weld and assemble, to scan and sort plates, to move plates autonomously through factories from one station to another using state-of-the-art robots and machine vision technology. We’ve focused on automating the hardest, most dangerous work on the factory floor, improving worker safety while also increasing production speed and precision.

Our machines are the best in the world and we stand behind them 100%.

Steel Beam Assembly and Welding
SBA SR Compact
Single rail entry-level model
SBA Compact
Compact, Full-Featured Assembler
SBA Conti
Maximum Automation, High Volume