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What is URBAN AKS 6250 35/25 Window Line ?

URBAN AKS 6250 35/25 Window Line is a type of window manufacturing system or equipment used in the fabrication of uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) windows and doors. It is manufactured by URBAN GmbH & Co. KG, a leading German company that specializes in producing machinery and equipment for window and door manufacturing.

The “6250” in the name refers to the model number of the window line, while “35/25” refers to the profile depth of the window system. In this case, the system has a profile depth of 35mm for the sash (opening part of the window) and 25mm for the frame (fixed part of the window). This indicates that the window line is designed to fabricate windows with uPVC profiles of these dimensions.

The URBAN AKS 6250 35/25 Window Line is a high-quality, precision-driven system that is used by window manufacturers to produce uPVC windows and doors with excellent thermal insulation properties, durability, and aesthetics. It typically includes various components such as cutting saws, milling units, welding machines, corner cleaners, and other tools necessary for the fabrication of uPVC windows and doors in a streamlined and efficient manner. The system is suitable for small to large-scale window production and is commonly used by window manufacturers around the world.