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What is JUNKER JUMAT 6S 18-20S-18 Machine?

The JUNKER JUMAT 6S 18-20S-18 machine is a type of grinding machine manufactured by JUNKER Group, a leading German company specializing in the production of high-precision grinding machines for industrial applications.

The JUMAT 6S 18-20S-18 is specifically designed for cylindrical grinding, which is a type of grinding process used to shape the external surface of cylindrical workpieces. It is a highly precise and efficient machine that is commonly used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy, and precision engineering, among others.

The model number “6S” in the name indicates that it is part of the JUMAT 6S series, which is known for its advanced features and high-performance capabilities. The “18-20S-18” in the name refers to the grinding wheelhead configuration of the machine. It typically has two grinding wheelheads, one for rough grinding and one for finish grinding, with the possibility of additional wheels for special applications. The “18-20S-18” configuration may vary depending on the specific requirements of the customer.

The JUNKER JUMAT 6S 18-20S-18 machine is known for its precision, flexibility, and productivity. It is equipped with advanced grinding technologies such as hydrostatic guides, linear motors, and high-resolution measuring systems to achieve high accuracy and repeatability in the grinding process. It also offers various automation options for increased productivity and efficiency, such as automatic workpiece loading and unloading, in-process measuring, and adaptive grinding strategies. The machine is typically used for grinding cylindrical workpieces with tight tolerances and complex geometries, providing high-quality results in terms of surface finish, dimensional accuracy, and form accuracy.