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What is the Deep Hole Drilling Machine used for?

The Deep Hole Drilling Machine, also known as Gun Drilling Machine, is a specialized tool used in manufacturing processes to create deep, straight holes in various materials. These holes can be several times longer than their diameter, and can have an aspect ratio of up to 100:1.

The Deep Hole Drilling Machine is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and energy, where the creation of long, precise holes is critical. Examples of parts that require deep holes include fuel injectors, hydraulic cylinders, firearm barrels, and oil and gas drilling components.

The machine works by rotating the drill while simultaneously moving it longitudinally, while a coolant is continuously pumped through the drill to reduce heat and prevent the material from melting or becoming damaged. The process results in a high-quality hole that is straight, accurate, and has a smooth surface finish.