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What is Perimetric Profile Grinder Machine?

A Perimetric Profile Grinder Machine is a type of grinding machine used in the manufacturing and tooling industry for precision grinding of various profiles and shapes on workpieces. It typically consists of a grinding wheel, a workpiece holder, and a control system. The grinding wheel is usually equipped with abrasive grains that remove material from the workpiece to achieve the desired profile or shape.

The term “perimetric” refers to the grinding wheel’s ability to grind the periphery or outer edge of the workpiece, allowing for precise shaping of profiles with high accuracy and repeatability. The profile or shape of the workpiece can be customized based on the specifications and requirements of the application.

Perimetric profile grinders are commonly used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, mold and die making, and precision engineering. They are used for grinding a wide range of workpieces, including gears, splines, shafts, punches, molds, and other complex profiles. These machines are known for their ability to produce high-quality and precise profiles with tight tolerances, making them essential tools in many manufacturing processes that require precision grinding.