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What is difference between Gang type Lathe and Swiss type lathe machine?

Gang type lathes and Swiss type lathes are two different types of lathe machines that are used for different purposes. Here are the main differences between these two types of lathe machines:

  1. Design: The design of the two types of lathes is different. Gang type lathes have a horizontal bed with a turret that holds multiple tools. Swiss type lathes, on the other hand, have a vertical bed with a guide bushing that supports the workpiece.
  2. Workpiece size: Gang type lathes are used for larger workpieces, while Swiss type lathes are designed for smaller workpieces. Swiss type lathes are often used for making small parts for the medical, aerospace, and electronics industries.
  3. Accuracy: Swiss type lathes are known for their high accuracy and precision. The guide bushing used in Swiss type lathes provides excellent support for the workpiece, which results in higher accuracy and precision. Gang type lathes are also accurate but not as precise as Swiss type lathes.
  4. Complexity of parts: Swiss type lathes are better suited for complex parts with intricate features due to their precision and accuracy. Gang type lathes are more suitable for simpler parts with fewer features.
  5. Automation: Swiss type lathes are often equipped with automatic bar feeders that can handle long, thin workpieces without operator intervention. Gang type lathes can also be automated, but they are not as well-suited for long, thin workpieces.

In summary, the main differences between gang type lathes and Swiss type lathes are their design, workpiece size, accuracy, complexity of parts, and automation capabilities.