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What is Deep Draw Hydraulic Triple Action Press?

A Deep Draw Hydraulic Triple Action Press is a type of press machine used in metal forming and manufacturing processes, specifically for deep drawing applications. Deep drawing is a process in which a flat sheet metal blank is formed into a three-dimensional shape with a depth greater than its diameter, typically using a press and a set of dies.

The Deep Draw Hydraulic Triple Action Press, as the name suggests, features three actions or movements that are performed simultaneously or sequentially during the deep drawing process, using hydraulic power:

  1. Blank Holder Action: The first action involves a blank holder, which holds the sheet metal blank in place while the forming operation is carried out. The blank holder exerts a downward force to prevent the blank from wrinkling or buckling during the deep drawing process.
  2. Ram Action: The second action involves a ram or punch, which applies a downward force on the blank to push it into the die cavity and shape it according to the desired form. The ram typically moves vertically or at an angle to perform the deep drawing operation.
  3. Cushion Action: The third action involves a cushion, which is a separate hydraulic pad or chamber located beneath the die cavity. The cushion is used to apply an upward force against the blank, counteracting the downward force of the ram and blank holder. This can help control material flow, reduce wrinkling, and ensure consistent forming results.

The combination of these three actions – blank holder, ram, and cushion – working together in a coordinated manner allows for precise and controlled deep drawing of sheet metal into complex shapes with high accuracy and repeatability. Deep Draw Hydraulic Triple Action Presses are typically used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, appliance manufacturing, and other applications where deep drawn parts with tight tolerances and complex shapes are required.