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What is Automatic Panel Storage and Retrieval System?

An Automatic Panel Storage and Retrieval System is a type of automated material handling system used in manufacturing and logistics operations. It is designed to store and retrieve panels, sheets, and other flat materials automatically, improving efficiency and reducing labor costs.

The system consists of a tall, vertical storage structure with multiple levels of shelving or trays, where panels or sheets are stored. A series of cranes or robots are used to move the panels in and out of storage, as well as transport them to the various production lines or processing stations within the facility.

The system is typically controlled by a computer or programmable logic controller (PLC) that communicates with the cranes or robots and monitors inventory levels. When a panel or sheet is needed, the system locates the item and retrieves it from storage, delivering it to the appropriate location for processing.

An Automatic Panel Storage and Retrieval System can provide several benefits, such as increased storage density, reduced labor costs, improved inventory management, and faster material handling times. It is commonly used in industries such as woodworking, metalworking, and construction, where large quantities of flat materials are used in the manufacturing process.