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How to open a keyway on CNC Vertical Machining Center machine?

Opening a keyway on a CNC Vertical Machining Center (VMC) machine typically involves the following steps:

  1. Choose the right tool: The first step is to select the appropriate tool for cutting the keyway. A broaching tool or end mill with a flat bottom can be used to cut keyways on a VMC.
  2. Program the machine: The next step is to program the VMC to cut the keyway. This involves specifying the dimensions of the keyway, including its width, depth, and length, as well as the feed rate and spindle speed. The program can be created using CAM software or manually programmed using G-code.
  3. Mount the workpiece: The workpiece must be securely mounted to the table of the VMC using a vise or fixture to prevent it from shifting during the cutting process.
  4. Set up the tool: The tool must be properly installed and set up in the VMC tool holder. The tool must be properly calibrated to ensure that it is centered and aligned with the workpiece.
  5. Perform a test run: Before cutting the keyway, it is important to perform a test run to ensure that the program is correct and that the tool is set up properly. This can be done by running the program without the cutter engaged or by using a scrap piece of material to test the program.
  6. Cut the keyway: Once the VMC is properly set up, the cutting process can begin. The VMC will move the cutting tool along the length of the workpiece, cutting away material to create the keyway. The depth, width, and length of the keyway are controlled by the CNC program.
  7. Finish the keyway: After the keyway has been cut, it may need to be deburred and cleaned up to ensure a smooth surface finish.

It is important to note that opening a keyway on a VMC requires expertise and training. It is recommended to consult the machine manual and seek the guidance of an experienced machinist to ensure proper setup and operation of the machine.