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What is Trawlers?

Trawlers are yachts that are designed for long-distance cruising and fishing. They are typically larger, heavier, and more rugged than other types of yachts, with a focus on durability, comfort, and efficiency. Trawlers can range in size from 30 to 100 feet or more.

Trawlers are designed to be seaworthy and able to handle rough weather and long distances. They are often equipped with powerful engines and have large fuel tanks, allowing them to travel long distances without refueling. They also have spacious living areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, sleeping quarters, and outdoor spaces, making them ideal for extended trips or living aboard.

The name “trawler” comes from the fact that these yachts were originally designed for commercial fishing, with a large net, or trawl, used to catch fish. Modern trawlers, however, are primarily used for cruising, and may have amenities such as stabilizers, bow thrusters, and autopilots to make the journey smoother and more comfortable.

Trawlers can be designed with a variety of hull types, including full displacement, semi-displacement, and planing hulls. Full displacement hulls are designed for maximum fuel efficiency and stability, while planing hulls are designed for speed and maneuverability. Semi-displacement hulls offer a balance between the two.

Overall, trawlers are ideal for those who want to travel long distances in comfort and style, with the added benefit of being able to do some fishing along the way.