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What is Tool Presetter?

A tool presetter is a machine used in manufacturing that is designed to accurately measure and set the length and diameter of cutting tools used in machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, and CNC machines.

Tool presetters allow operators to quickly and easily set up tools before starting a job, reducing downtime and improving productivity. They work by measuring the physical dimensions of the cutting tool using high-precision sensors, and then providing a digital readout of the tool’s length, diameter, and other important parameters. This information can then be entered into the machine tool’s control system, ensuring that the tool is accurately positioned for the desired cutting operation.

Some advanced tool presetters can even automatically generate tool paths and optimize tool selection based on the desired cutting parameters, further improving efficiency and reducing the risk of errors. Overall, tool presetters are an essential tool in modern manufacturing, helping to ensure accuracy, consistency, and productivity.