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What is Rotary Table on CNC Vertical Machines?

A rotary table on a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) vertical machine is a tool that enables the machine to perform rotary motion operations. It is a circular worktable that can be rotated to position workpieces at precise angles or orientations for machining operations.

The rotary table is mounted on the machine’s spindle and is controlled by the CNC system, which allows for precise positioning and movement. The table can rotate in either a horizontal or vertical plane, depending on the machine’s design.

Rotary tables are commonly used in the manufacturing of complex parts, such as gears, cams, and turbine blades, where precise angular positioning is required. They can also be used for drilling, milling, and boring operations, allowing for multiple machining operations to be performed on a single workpiece without the need for repositioning.

Overall, the rotary table is an essential tool for CNC vertical machines that allows for greater flexibility and precision in manufacturing processes.