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What is Pure Chromatography Systems?

Pure Chromatography Systems is a line of compact and easy-to-use flash and prep HPLC instruments from Buchi Labortechnik AG. The systems are designed to protect users and samples, and to provide more purification in less space.

The Pure Chromatography Systems consist of three models:

  • Pure C-810/C-815 Flash: This is a basic flash chromatography system that is ideal for small-scale purifications.
  • Pure C-830/C-835 Prep: This is a more advanced prep HPLC system that can be used for larger-scale purifications.
  • Pure C-850 FlashPrep: This is a hybrid system that combines the features of the Pure C-810/C-815 Flash and the Pure C-830/C-835 Prep.

All of the Pure Chromatography Systems are equipped with a number of features that make them safe and easy to use, including:

  • RFID technology to prevent incorrect settings
  • Solvent level sensors to monitor the solvent levels in the bottles
  • Vapor and pressure sensors to monitor the system during operation
  • A user-friendly software interface

The Pure Chromatography Systems are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Pharmaceutical research and development
  • Food and beverage analysis
  • Environmental testing
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Natural product isolation

If you are looking for a compact, easy-to-use, and safe flash or prep HPLC system, then the Pure Chromatography Systems are a good option to consider.

Here are some additional details about the features of the Pure Chromatography Systems:

  • The cartridge/column holders are positioned in front of the instruments so that they are easy to access.
  • The systems are designed with an extra solvent platform on top to provide additional storage space.
  • All of the systems are equipped with sensors that monitor the vapor, pressure, and solvent level in the bottles during the whole purification run.
  • The RFID technology on the cartridges and the racks eliminates the risk of wrong settings.

The Pure Chromatography Systems are a versatile and user-friendly platform for a wide range of purification applications. They are a good choice for laboratories that need a compact, safe, and easy-to-use system for flash or prep HPLC.