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What is Peddinghaus PCD1100/3B Machine?

The Peddinghaus PCD1100/3B machine is a type of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) beam drilling line, specifically designed for the processing of structural steel beams and profiles. It is used in the steel fabrication and construction industries for drilling holes, slots, and markings on steel beams and other structural profiles.

The PCD1100/3B machine is manufactured by Peddinghaus Corporation, a leading manufacturer of steel fabrication machinery. It is known for its high productivity, accuracy, and versatility, and is designed to handle a wide range of beam sizes and profiles.

The “PCD” in the name stands for “Peddinghaus CNC Drilling”, indicating that the machine is equipped with CNC technology for automated drilling operations. The “1100” refers to the maximum beam size that the machine can process, which is up to 1100 mm (43.3 inches) in width. The “3B” signifies that the machine has three drilling spindles, which can operate independently or simultaneously, allowing for efficient processing of multiple holes in a single pass.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Peddinghaus PCD1100/3B machine may include:

  1. CNC control: The machine is controlled by a computer program that allows for precise positioning and movement of the drilling spindles, providing high accuracy and repeatability in hole placement.
  2. Multiple drilling spindles: The machine typically has three drilling spindles, which can be programmed to drill holes at different positions and angles on the steel beams, allowing for versatile hole patterns and complex profiles.
  3. Automatic tool changer: The machine may have an automatic tool changer that can hold a variety of drill bits or other cutting tools, allowing for efficient tool changes and minimizing downtime.
  4. Material handling system: The machine may be equipped with a material handling system, such as an automatic feeding and clamping system, to handle the beams and profiles, improving productivity and reducing manual labor.
  5. Marking capability: The machine may have marking capabilities, such as scribing or stamping, to add markings, part numbers, or other information on the steel beams for identification or assembly purposes.

Overall, the Peddinghaus PCD1100/3B machine is a high-performance CNC beam drilling line that offers advanced automation, precision, and versatility for efficient processing of steel beams and profiles in the steel fabrication industry.