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What is ID Grinder Machine?

An ID grinder machine, also known as an “internal diameter grinder” or “internal grinder,” is a type of machine tool used for precision grinding of the internal surface of cylindrical or tubular workpieces. It is typically used to achieve high dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and roundness in the internal bore of workpieces.

ID grinder machines are commonly used in manufacturing, machining, and metalworking industries for a variety of applications, such as grinding internal bores of engine cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, bearing races, and other precision components. They can be operated manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically, depending on the level of automation and complexity of the machine.

ID grinder machines typically consist of a grinding wheelhead, which holds and rotates the grinding wheel, a workhead, which holds and rotates the workpiece, and a fixture or chuck that holds the workpiece in place during grinding. The grinding wheel removes material from the internal surface of the workpiece as it rotates, and the workpiece is moved longitudinally or axially against the rotating wheel to achieve the desired shape, size, and surface finish.

ID grinder machines come in various configurations, including plain internal grinders, which have a fixed wheelhead and a movable workhead, and universal internal grinders, which have both a swiveling wheelhead and workhead, allowing for greater flexibility in grinding different types of internal bores. ID grinder machines may also include additional features such as automatic in-process gauging, CNC controls for precise positioning and grinding, and various attachments for specific grinding applications.

Overall, ID grinder machines are widely used in the manufacturing industry for achieving precise and high-quality internal grinding of workpieces, making them an essential tool for many machining operations.