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What is Haas Parameter 1 – X SWITCHES?

Haas Parameter 1, also known as “X SWITCHES,” refers to a specific parameter used in Haas Automation’s CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. Haas machines are widely used in the manufacturing industry for precision machining operations.

The X SWITCHES parameter allows users to configure and fine-tune various aspects related to the X-axis motion and control on a Haas CNC machine. It is a numeric value that represents a combination of binary switches or flags, each corresponding to a specific feature or behavior.

These switches can be set to different values to modify the behavior of the X-axis control. They can determine aspects such as homing direction, limit switch polarity, backlash compensation, soft limit functionality, and other related settings. By adjusting the X SWITCHES parameter, operators can customize the machine’s behavior to suit their specific requirements.

The exact details and available options for the X SWITCHES parameter may vary depending on the specific Haas CNC machine model and its software version. It is essential to consult the machine’s documentation or contact Haas Automation directly for accurate and up-to-date information regarding this parameter.

X SWITCHES Parameter 1 is a collection of single-bit flags used to turn servo related functions on and off. The left and right cursor arrows are used to select the function being changed. All values are 0 or 1 only. The function names are: REV ENCODER Used to reverse the direction of encoder data. REV POWER Used to reverse direction of power to motor. REV PHASING Used to reverse motor phasing. DISABLED Used to disable any axis. Z CH ONLY With A only, indicates that no home switch AIR BRAKE With A only, indicates that air brake is used. DISABLED Z T Disables encoder Z test (for testing only). SERVO HIST Graph of servo error (for diagnostics only). INV HOME SW Inverted home switch (N.C switch). INV Z CH Inverted Z channel (normally high). CIRC. WRAP. (Future Option – Not Yet Implemented) With A only, causes 360 wrap to return to 0. NO I IN BRAK With A only, removes I feedback when brake is active. LOW PASS +1X Adds one term to low pass filter. LOW PASS +2X Adds two terms to low pass filter. OVER TEMP NC Selects a normally closed overheat sensor in motor. CABLE TEST Enables test of encoder signals and cabling. Z TEST HIST History plot of Z channel test data. SCALE FACT/X If set to 1, the scale ratio is interpreted as divided by X; where X depends on bits SCALE/X LO and SCALE/X HI. INVIS AXIS Used to create an invisible axis. ROT ALM LMSW Rotary alarms at the limit switch. ROT TRVL LIM Rotary travel limits are used. UNDEFINED UNDEFINED TORQUE ONLY For HAAS only. 3 EREV/MREV For HAAS only. 2 EREV/MREV For HAAS only. NON MUX PHAS Not currently used. BRUSH MOTOR Enables the brushless motor option. LINEAR DISPL This bit changes the display from degrees to inches (or millimeters) on the A and B axes. SCALE/X HI With SCALE/X LO bit, determines the scale factor used in bit SCALE FACT/X. See below” HI LO 0 0 3 0 1 5 1 0 7 1 1 9