05/05/2023 Yazarı admin Kapalı

What is Die Cut Splitting Skiving Machine?

A die cut splitting skiving machine is a type of industrial equipment used for cutting, splitting, and skiving various materials such as leather, foam, rubber, and textiles.

The machine uses a die, which is a metal tool with a specific shape and size, to cut the material into the desired shape. The cutting process involves pressing the die onto the material, which is placed on a flat surface, and then applying pressure to the die to cut the material.

In addition to cutting, the machine can also split the material into two thinner layers and skive the edges to create a beveled or tapered edge. Skiving is the process of removing material from the edge of a material to create a thinner, angled edge.

Die cut splitting skiving machines are commonly used in industries such as footwear manufacturing, leather goods production, and automotive upholstery.