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What is CONIFLEX Straight Bevel Gear Generating Machine?

A CONIFLEX straight bevel gear generating machine is a type of machine tool used in the production of straight bevel gears. These gears are used in a variety of applications, including automotive differentials, power tools, and industrial machinery.

The CONIFLEX straight bevel gear generating machine is a highly specialized machine that uses advanced technology to precisely cut the gear teeth. The machine uses a special cutting tool called a gear cutter to create the gear teeth. The gear cutter is mounted on a spindle that rotates at high speeds while the gear blank is held in place on a special workholding fixture.

The machine is capable of generating a wide range of gear sizes and shapes, and can produce both external and internal straight bevel gears. The CONIFLEX system uses a unique process that allows for the cutting of bevel gears with a high degree of accuracy and precision. The cutting process is controlled by a computer numerical control (CNC) system, which allows for precise control of the cutting process.

Overall, the CONIFLEX straight bevel gear generating machine is an important tool for manufacturers who require high-precision straight bevel gears for their products.