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What is CNC Spiral Turn-Milling Machine?

A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Spiral Turn-Milling Machine is a specialized type of machine tool used in manufacturing processes. It combines the capabilities of turning and milling operations into a single machine, allowing for the production of complex and precise parts.

The term “spiral turn-milling” refers to the simultaneous rotation and axial movement of the workpiece, creating a spiral tool path. This type of machining is commonly used in the production of threaded parts, such as screws, worms, and turbine blades.

The CNC aspect of the machine means that it is controlled by a computer program, which directs the movements and operations of the machine. The CNC controller interprets the instructions and coordinates the movement of the machine’s axes, the rotation of the spindle, and the activation of the cutting tools.

The spiral turn-milling machine typically consists of a rigid base or bed, a spindle that holds the cutting tools, and various axes that control the movement of the workpiece and the cutting tools. It may also have tool changers, coolant systems, and other auxiliary components to enhance the machining process.

The machine allows for the efficient production of complex parts with high precision and accuracy. By integrating turning and milling operations, it eliminates the need for multiple setups and reduces production time. Additionally, CNC control provides flexibility, as the machine can be programmed to perform various machining operations and produce different part geometries.

Overall, the CNC spiral turn-milling machine is a powerful tool in modern manufacturing, enabling the production of intricate parts with improved efficiency and precision.