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What is Ball Bearing Capstan Servo (BBCS) Rotary Table?

The Ball Bearing Capstan Servo (BBCS) Rotary Table is a type of rotary table commonly used in CNC machining centers. It is designed to provide high-speed and high-precision positioning for a range of machining applications.

The BBCS rotary table consists of a circular table that can be rotated around a central axis by a servo motor. The table is supported by a set of ball bearings, which provide smooth and precise movement with minimal friction. This allows the table to rotate at high speeds without causing excessive wear or damage to the components.

The BBCS rotary table also features a capstan mechanism, which enables quick and accurate indexing of the table to precise angular positions. This is achieved through the use of a set of pins or collets that engage with the table at specific intervals, allowing for rapid and accurate positioning of the workpiece.

Overall, the BBCS rotary table is a highly advanced and capable component in CNC machining centers, providing the speed, precision, and accuracy necessary for a wide range of machining applications.