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What is AWC Automatic Workpiece changer on CNC Machines?

An Automatic Workpiece Changer (AWC) is a feature found on some CNC machines that allows for the automatic exchange of workpieces without requiring manual intervention. This feature is particularly useful in production environments where a large number of workpieces need to be machined quickly and efficiently.

The AWC typically consists of a robotic arm or other automated mechanism that can pick up the workpiece from a storage location, such as a pallet or tray, and place it onto the machine’s worktable. Once the machining operation is complete, the AWC can then remove the finished workpiece and replace it with a new one.

The AWC is usually controlled by the machine’s CNC software, which can be programmed to select the appropriate workpiece based on the job being performed. This helps to ensure that the machine can operate continuously without requiring manual intervention, which can increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

Overall, the AWC is a valuable feature for CNC machines, particularly in high-volume production environments where speed, efficiency, and automation are critical factors.