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What is 4 station Rotary Table?

A 4 station rotary table is a type of indexing table that rotates a workpiece to a precise position in a repeatable manner. It has four evenly spaced positions or stations around the circumference of the table. Each station is designed to hold a workpiece or tooling fixture, allowing the operator to quickly change out parts or tools without the need for manual repositioning.

The rotary table is commonly used in manufacturing processes such as machining, assembly, and inspection. It is particularly useful in operations where multiple operations need to be performed on a single workpiece or when multiple workpieces need to be processed in a single cycle.

By using a 4 station rotary table, manufacturers can increase their efficiency, accuracy, and consistency while reducing their overall cycle times. Additionally, rotary tables can be integrated with other automation systems, such as robotic arms, to further streamline the production process.