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What are the technical specs of LS Machinery ID1300HM Injection moulding machine?

Here are some typical technical specifications for the LS Machinery ID1300HM injection moulding machine:

Injection Unit:

  • Injection capacity: Maximum of 2982 g (PS)
  • Injection pressure: Maximum of 2080 bar
  • Injection stroke: 530 mm
  • Screw diameter: 105-120 mm

Clamping Unit:

  • Clamping force: 1300 tons
  • Mold thickness (min-max): 450-1500 mm
  • Platen size (HxV): Approximately 1690 x 1690 mm
  • Distance between tie bars (HxV): Approximately 1160 x 1160 mm
  • Mold opening stroke: 1350 mm
  • Maximum daylight opening: 2800 mm

Control System:

  • Control system: LS Mtron’s proprietary control system
  • Display: Touchscreen interface for control and monitoring of machine parameters
  • Communication: Ethernet connectivity for communication with external devices and systems
  • Additional features: Process monitoring, fault diagnosis, and data logging capabilities

Other Specifications:

  • Power supply: 3-phase, 380-460V, 50/60 Hz
  • Heating capacity: Maximum of approximately 73 kW
  • Machine dimensions (approx.): Varies based on specific model and options
  • Machine weight (approx.): Varies based on specific model and options

Please note that these specifications are subject to change and may vary depending on the specific model, configuration, and options of the LS Machinery ID1300HM injection moulding machine. For the most accurate and up-to-date technical specifications, it is recommended to refer to the official documentation or contact LS Machinery or an authorized distributor for the latest information.