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What are the most sought after used CNC Machine types in Germany?

Based on historical data and market reports, some of the most sought-after used CNC machine types in Germany include:

  1. CNC turning machines: These machines are used to manufacture round components such as shafts, bolts, and other precision parts.
  2. CNC milling machines: These machines are used to create complex shapes and geometries with high accuracy and precision.
  3. CNC machining centers: These machines can perform a variety of machining operations such as drilling, tapping, and milling, all in one setup.
  4. CNC grinding machines: These machines are used to produce high-precision surfaces and components, particularly in the automotive and aerospace industries.
  5. CNC laser cutting machines: These machines use lasers to cut through various materials, such as metal, wood, and plastics.
  6. CNC plasma cutting machines: These machines use plasma to cut through thick metal plates and sheets.
  7. CNC wire EDM machines: These machines use a wire electrode to cut through metal and create intricate shapes and designs.

Please note that this is a general overview, and specific industries or applications may have different preferences and requirements for used CNC machines.