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Star Cutter Company was founded in 1927 by Howard B. Lawton and Frank Burgess. Our early focus on custom cutting tools led to a world-recognized expertise in custom tooling and engineering solutions for manufacturing.

The company grew into the design and build of Tool and Cutter Grinding machines as a natural result of its reputation for the highest quality cutting tools, and the need for machine tools that can produce such cutting tools with the precision and performance for which Star Cutter had come to be known.

Star Cutter has developed into a world leader in the cutting tool industry with over 500 employees working in six manufacturing facilities within five manufacturing divisions. 

Each manufacturing facility specializes in producing a specific type of product or service: 

  • 5-axis CNC tool and cutter grinding machines, 
  • solid carbide cutting tools, 
  • carbide blanks and preforms, 
  • gun drills, and 
  • gear cutting tools.

STAR CUTTER Tool Grinders

CNC grinders for reconditioning and manufacturing of end mills, high performance drills, step drills, form tools, gear tools, orthopedic surgical instruments and large diameter carbide tools.

NXT Tool Grinder

Benchmarked against the competition during the design process, this machine is the strongest, most versatile tool and cutter grinder in the market segment. Powered with NUMROTO, this highly flexible, machine will tackle your projects from custom tool manufacturing all the way up to automated high volume production.

UTG Series Broach Grinder

The UTG Series of Star grinders excel at grinding round and flat broaches, straight and spiral gash hobs, shaper cutters, spiral broaches, slab mills, rack gear cutters, and worm gear hobs with diameters from 3 mm (1/8 inch) to 305 mm (12 inches). This machine family is offered in (4) length variations from the UTG-600 through a UTG-2400.

Deep Hole Drilling Solutions
Star Cutter carries a full line of deep hole drilling solutions. Explore this section to learn more about each type and the applications where each is used. Application support comes standard with all of our products.

Drill Reamer family product
Carbide Drills & Reamers
Since 1970, Star Cutter has designed and manufactured special carbide drills and reamers for use with CNC production systems as well as standard and flexible machining systems.

Star Cutter Pcd cutting tool
PCD Tooling
High performance PCD tools, engineered to customer requirements. PCD products include Circular Milling Tools, Face Milling Tools, Combination Tools, Counterbore Tools, Precision reamer / multi-step reamers, and PCD drills.

Drill Reamer Fluted Preform Blanks
Carbide Blanks & Preforms
H. B. Carbide offers many different grades of tungsten carbide, manufactured under process certification ISO 9001:2000. By using the preforming expertise at H.B.Carbide, major portions of carbide can be removed from the tool blank while the carbide is in the ‘green’ state.

Star Cutter gear cutting tools product
Gear Cutting Tools
Gear hobs
Milling cutters
Gear shaper cutters & shaving tools
Master gears, ring & plug gauges
Chamfer and deburring tools