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Macri Italia Tube Bender Manufacturer Company

Macri Italia was established in 1997 on the back of experience in the production of electric tube bending machines. Macri Italia now operates worldwide, exporting almost 70% of its production, which is entirely Italian made.

The company with expertise in the tube bending field decided to focus on this market segment and to work primarily to order, so as to meet the each customer’s production needs.

The distinctive feature of Macri Italia tube benders is the technology, encompassed within an exclusive software that allows the machine to be managed and operated through an innovative, user-friendly interface.

Ever aware of the environmental impact of its business, Macri Italia has patented a sophisticated energy saving system that allows energy consumption to be optimised.

1 to 12 axes tube benders
Macri Italia production comprises 5 series of tube bending machines, each having different tube dimensions and thus different bending capacities.

Indeed, one of the most important variables when choosing a machine is the diameter of the tube to be bent, which – according to the Macri Italia classification system – can be of:

  • up to 114 mm » Series 114
  • up to 90 mm » Series 90
  • up to 65 mm » Series 65
  • up to 45 mm » Series 45
  • up to 35 mm » Series 35

Macri Italia can produce 1 to 12 axes electric bending machines, depending on the level of automation and the product that is to be produced. The most popular are the EURO (1 axis), PROFAST (3 axes), PROVAR 5 (5 axes), PROVAR 6 (6 axes), PROELECT (10 axes) and PROSPACE (12 axes) tube benders.

Thanks to the extensive experience of its technicians, Macri Italia also produces special tube bending machines that are especially modified to meet the customer’s production needs.