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HGG Group CNC Cutting Machines and Cutting Services

HGG is all about Freedom. We readily share our knowledge and expertise, while forming strategic partnerships to grant even greater freedom to the customer. Ultimately, our mission is to continue our quest of automating craftsmanship, giving the world of steel the freedom to create!

CNC Cutting Machines and Cutting Services

HGG’s CNC cutting machines and cutting services, our two business entities, form a unique synergy within the steel fabrication market. Unlike others, we not only develop and build customized CNC cutting machines for 3D profiling; we also perform cutting services for third parties on our in-house built machines. With our unique combination of CNC cutting machines and cutting services, you can have pipes and tubes, beams, box sections, vessel heads or other profiles cut extremely accurately and with a bevel for faster fitting, providing smaller weld volume and shorter fabrication time.

All-in-one robotic plasma cutting machine

The RoboRail is the go-to all-in-one robotic plasma cutting machine with a compact footprint made for all your miscellaneous steelwork. Looking for a machine to transform your miscellaneous fabrication to that of a lean manufacturer? The RoboRail is the best choice for your money.

All-in-one robotic plasma cutting
Straight from 3D design to cutting
Even handles 12″ channel and 1 ¼”pipe

Beam Cutting Machine

RPC 1200 Mk3
The RPC 1200 MK3 Beam Cutting machine is a high performance plasma cutting line and the most versatile and productive in the market. The RPC 1200 MK3 is the first in its kind which can truly profile all structural profiles, including pipes. An entire fab shop in one single machine.

Cuts all structural profiles, including pipes;
Mark text and layout contours, saving 20% in fit-up;
Secondary processing eliminated by use of advanced laser measurement;

Pipe profiler with rollerbed

ProCutter 900 RB
The ProCutter 900 RB is a pipe profiler which is logistically optimized. This affordable tube profiling machine is a true workhorse which incorporates all of HGG’s advanced technology and expertise. Operational excellence is applied to keep costs low.

High productivity
Easy material handling
A true workhorse

CNC Pipe Cutter

ProCutter 600–900
Our CNC Pipe Cutters, ProCutter 600 and 900, incorporate all of HGG’s advanced technology and expertise. Operational excellence is applied to keep costs low. They come with oxy-fuel, plasma, marking and CAD-CAM Interfaces.

High value CNC Pipe Cutter
Savings on fitting & welding
Full penetration welds

Pipe Cutting Machine: Chuck-type

SPC 500–1200 PT
The SPC 500-1200 pipe cutting machine from HGG cuts different materials, dimensions and wall thicknesses and is therefore suitable for all applications. The SPC is available with oxyfuel, plasma, marking and CAD-CAM interfaces.

Saveon fittings and welding
Ensures a save workspace

CNC Pipe Cutting machine for vessels and offshore

SPC 1500–3000 PT
The SPC 1500–3000 CNC Pipe Cutting Machine is a very robust machine built to handle large pipe diameters and heavy weights. Everything in the machine is designed and implemented with the purpose to guarantee extreme tolerances during cutting.

Holes Truly Round
Elimination of Lay-out
Thick Wall Accuracy