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BMB S.p.a. 

In over 50 years of activity, we have always focused on “360 °” of total quality. This policy led us to be a company embedded into the future, highly competitive on the world stage and backed by important strategic resources.
Our main premises are located in the city of Brescia, in the industrial heartland of Italy and organized into 3 leading edge production units, complemented by modern and functional design offices.
Sales and After-sales subsidiaries located in important commercial areas create an efficient infrastructure dedicated to the end users.

BMB Injection Mold Machines

eKW Full Electric
A new concept of machine focusing on efficiency and production costs reduction, offering many advantages: power saving, reduced water consumption, significant lowering of noise levels, minimum lubricant costs due to the use of satellite roller screws working in water cooled sealed oil baths. These features ensure high reliability, repeatability and accuracy.

eKW Hybrid
BMB capitalized on all the experience gained in two specific areas, the one dedicated to fast cycling machines and the other dedicated to full electric technology, and created this innovative series that combines their advantages i.e. large capacity injection unit, precision, speed, robustness and low power consumption. Furthermore, the performance of the control unit, easily programmable and able to ensure extreme flexibility, makes the series user friendly. All the foregoing encapsulated within a range of models able to meet any requirement, with machines from 160tonnes up to 2200tonnes clamp force.

eMC Full Electric
A machine that globally confirms the benefits of “full electric” technology, resulting in a combination of advantages i.e. increasing production rates whilst achieving cost reductions, the highest part quality and the lowest noise levels

All these benefits are possible thanks to electric drives working totally independent of each other, thereby allowing ‘overlapping’ of functions whilst being extremely precise, due to the finite control of position and speed.

A series of high-performance machines that has proven crucial to the growth of BMB and has been constantly updated and improved to provide multiple operational benefits and total reliability due to its specific technical characteristics i.e. generous platen dimensions, Voith gear pump, thread rolled tie bars both tempered and hard chromed and the bronze nuts in sturdy nickel chrome-molybdenum, in-line hydraulic motor or direct torque electric motor for screw rotation, magnetostrictive transducers on all movements and a central accumulator system for all working phases of the machine.

A series of well-respected machines in the market sector for the production of thin wall products and very high outputs.
With specific technological solutions, developed directly in conjunction with the packaging industry and engineered to combine accuracy, repeatability and competitiveness. i.e. hydraulic valve blocks mounted directly on function to be controlled, servo and proportional valves working in closed loop for speed and pressure; quick replacement of the plasticizing unit; hydraulic or electric Torque motor direct in line for screw rotation, magnetostrictive transducers on all movements and a central hydraulic accumulator system for all the machine phases, fully-closed hydraulic system with sound-absorbing panels for total noise elimination.

A series of machines specifically designed to meet the demands of the industrial sector that requires high tonnages and can accommodate large moulds that require large platen areas combined with long opening strokes.
These machines are compact in design and incorporate extended moving platen supports to ensure machine rigidity and a central hydraulic accumulator system to enhance machine performance and energy efficiency.