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What is Gang type Lathe Machine?

A gang-type lathe machine is a type of lathe that features multiple cutting tools that are mounted on a tool post, which is located on the lathe’s cross slide. The tool post holds multiple tool holders, each of which is able to hold a cutting tool. This configuration allows multiple cutting operations to be performed on a single workpiece without the need to stop the machine and change tools. Gang-type lathes are typically used in mass production operations where high precision and speed are required. They are also used in automated production lines or with CNC operation.

In the Gang-type Lathe, multiple cutting tools are located on a tool post and the workpiece is rotated and moved past the tools to remove material. The tools are typically positioned in a linear or circular pattern, and can include turning tools, drilling tools, and milling tools. This machine can be used to perform multiple machining operations on a single workpiece in a single setup, which improves efficiency and reduces the need for multiple setups.