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Which are the Top 10 Carbide Cutting Tools Manufacturers?

There are many manufacturers of carbide cutting tools worldwide, but some of the top ones include:

  1. Sandvik Coromant
  2. Kennametal
  3. Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal
  4. Mitsubishi Materials
  5. Iscar
  6. Tungaloy
  7. YG-1 Tool
  8. Mapal
  9. Walter
  10. Dayton Progress

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive and it depends on different locations, industry and market trends. The order of the companies mentioned above might not be accurate. However, these companies are known to be some of the leading manufacturers of carbide cutting tools, and produce a wide range of products such as end mills, drills, and turning inserts for various industries and applications.