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What is Wire Bonder with Stereo Microscope Head?

A wire bonder with a stereo microscope head is a piece of equipment used in the microelectronics industry to create electrical connections between integrated circuits (ICs) and other electronic components.

The wire bonder itself is a machine that precisely positions and welds tiny wires, typically made of gold or aluminum, between bonding pads on an IC and leads on a package or other circuit board.

Wire bonder machine

The stereo microscope head is a magnifying device that provides a three-dimensional view of the work area, allowing the operator to precisely align the wires and bonding pads.

There are two main types of wire bonders:

  • Ball bonders: These bonders create a ball-shaped weld at the end of the wire, which is then pressed onto the bonding pad.
  • ** Wedge bonders:** These bonders wedge the end of the wire into a V-shaped groove on the bonding pad.

Wire bonding is a critical step in the manufacturing of electronic devices, as it ensures that the electrical signals can flow between the different components.

Here are some additional benefits of using a wire bonder with a stereo microscope head:

  • Improved accuracy and precision during wire bonding
  • Reduced risk of errors and defects
  • Easier inspection of bond quality
  • Increased productivity