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What is Vertical Slotting Machine?

A vertical slotting machine is a machine tool used to cut slots, keyways, and other internal features in workpieces. It is similar to a shaper, but the ram moves vertically instead of horizontally. This allows the machine to handle larger and heavier workpieces.

Vertical Slotting Machine 

Vertical slotting machines have a number of advantages over shapers, including:

  • Increased rigidity: The vertical ram design provides greater rigidity than the horizontal ram design of a shaper. This allows the machine to take heavier cuts and produce more accurate results.
  • Increased versatility: Vertical slotting machines can be used to cut a wider variety of features than shapers, including internal slots, keyways, and splines.
  • Increased productivity: Vertical slotting machines are typically more productive than shapers, due to their faster ram speeds and larger capacity.

Vertical slotting machines are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and machine tool manufacturing. They are also used in the production of consumer goods, such as appliances and electronics.

Here are some examples of common applications for vertical slotting machines:

  • Cutting slots in hubs for keys or splines
  • Cutting keyways in shafts
  • Cutting internal slots in gears and other machine components
  • Cutting splines in shafts and hubs
  • Cutting dovetails in slides and other machine components
  • Cutting grooves in dies and molds

Vertical slotting machines are an essential tool for any industry that needs to produce precision-machined workpieces with internal features.

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