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What is difference between a Keyseating Machine and a Vertical Slotting Machine?

The main difference between a keyseating machine and a vertical slotting machine is their primary purpose. Keyseating machines are specifically designed to cut keyways, while vertical slotting machines are more general-purpose machines that can be used to cut a variety of internal features, including keyways, slots, splines, and dovetails.

Another key difference is the way that the cutting tool is fed into the workpiece. Keyseating machines typically use a reciprocating motion, while vertical slotting machines typically use a vertical feed. This difference in feeding motion can affect the accuracy and speed of the cutting process.

Here is a table that summarizes the key differences between keyseating machines and vertical slotting machines:

FeatureKeyseating MachineVertical Slotting Machine
Primary purposeCutting keywaysCutting internal features, including keyways, slots, splines, and dovetails
Feeding motionReciprocatingVertical
AccuracyVery highHigh

Overall, keyseating machines are the best choice for applications where high accuracy and speed are required to cut keyways. Vertical slotting machines are a good choice for applications where a wider range of internal features need to be cut, or where accuracy and speed are not as critical.

Here are some examples of applications where each type of machine is typically used:

  • Keyseating machines:
    • Cutting keyways in shafts for hubs, gears, and other components
    • Cutting keyways in hubs for keystock
    • Cutting keyways in dies and molds
  • Vertical slotting machines:
    • Cutting internal slots in hubs for keys or splines
    • Cutting keyways in shafts
    • Cutting internal slots in gears and other machine components
    • Cutting splines in shafts and hubs
    • Cutting dovetails in slides and other machine components
    • Cutting grooves in dies and molds

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