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What are ZAYER’s CNC Machine Tools Products?

ZAYER is a Spanish manufacturer of CNC (computer numerical control) machine tools, with a focus on milling machines, bed-type milling machines and moving column milling machines. Some of the specific product lines offered by ZAYER include:

-Milling machines: including bed-type and moving column milling machines, as well as high-speed and high-performance machines. -Bed-Type Milling machines: These machines are characterized by their large work area and heavy weight, allowing for high precision and stability during machining operations -Moving column milling machines: These machines feature a moving column design that allows for greater precision and rigidity than moving table designs.

ZAYER machines are used in a variety of industries, such as aerospace, energy, and heavy machinery, they are also known for its high-precision and heavy-duty operations, capable of handling large and heavy parts. The company also provides customized solutions for specific customer requirements, such as automation for higher throughput, and advanced features like active vibration damping and thermal compensation to enhance the precision and accuracy of the machine.

ZAYER also provides software solutions to optimize the machine performance, as well as various services such as preventive maintenance and training programs to ensure the machines are operating at their best and prolong the lifetime of the equipment.