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What are TSUGAMI’s CNC Machine Tools Products?

TSUGAMI is a Japanese manufacturer of CNC (computer numerical control) machine tools, with a focus on precision turning machines and multi-axis machines. Some of the specific product lines offered by TSUGAMI include:

-Precision Turning machines: including automatic lathes, Swiss-style turning machines, and multi-axis turning centers. -Multi-Axis machines: These machines are capable of performing complex turning, milling, drilling and grinding operations. -Automated systems: They include multi-pallet and cell automation solutions for increased productivity and reduced labor costs.

TSUGAMI’s machines are widely used in the production of precision parts for the aerospace, medical, and electronic industries, as well as for the production of small to medium-sized components for the automotive and tooling industries.

TSUGAMI machines are known for their high precision, high productivity, and also its ability to perform complex turning, milling, drilling and grinding operations. TSUGAMI also provides various software solutions for process optimization, monitoring, and data analysis to maximize the machine performance and help to improve the turning process. And also they have a wide range of machine models to meet various industries requirement and customization option.