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What are Hermle’s CNC Machine tools products?

Hermle is a German manufacturer of CNC (computer numerical control) machine tools, specifically high precision machines such as milling machines, machining centers, and multi-axis machines. Some of the specific product lines offered by Hermle include:

-Milling machines: including vertical and horizontal machining centers, as well as five-axis machines for complex milling operations. -Machining centers: including high-speed and high-precision machines for a variety of industries. -Multi-axis machines: These machine are capable to work on several axis at the same time, able to perform complex milling, drilling and turning operations.

Hermle machines are used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, medical, energy, and the automotive industry, These machines are also used in tool and mold making as well as in the production of precision parts. Hermle machines are known for their precision and accuracy, and also its high-speed operation.