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What are Awea’s CNC Machine Tools Products?

AWEA is a Taiwanese manufacturer of CNC (computer numerical control) machine tools, specifically milling machines, vertical machining centers and Bridge type machining center. Some of the specific product lines offered by AWEA include:

-Milling machines: including vertical and horizontal machining centers and high-speed milling machines. -Vertical Machining Center : Including high speed and heavy duty VMC. -Bridge type machining center : These machines are capable to handle large and heavy parts.

AWEA provides various machine models for various industry including aerospace, automobile, medical and energy industries. They also have high-speed milling machines for precision milling and drilling operations, as well as heavy-duty machines for machining large and heavy parts. AWEA machines are known for their high rigidity, precision and accuracy, and also its heavy cutting ability.

The company also provides customized solutions to fit specific customer requirements.