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What are CNC Machine accessories?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are used for a wide range of machining applications and often require different accessories to perform specific tasks. Some examples of CNC machine accessories include:

  1. Cutting tools: such as end mills, drills, reamers, taps and various other types of cutting tools to machine the material
  2. Tool holders: holders designed to securely hold the cutting tools in place.
  3. Workholding devices: like vises, clamps, and fixtures that securely hold the workpiece in place during machining.
  4. Measuring tools: Like micrometers, dial indicators, and probe to take accurate measurements of the machined parts.
  5. Coolant systems: To cool down the cutting tool and prolong its life.
  6. Chip management devices: like conveyors, chip pans, and chips vacuums to remove chips and debris from the cutting area.
  7. Software and controllers: like CAM software, post processors and control units, to program and control the machine operation.
  8. Additional hardware or electronic devices: like sensors, bar feeders, or even robots to help with handling material, automating work or monitoring machines.

This list is not exhaustive and different manufacturers may include different accessories with their machines. These accessories helps to improve the performance and efficiency of the CNC machine, and can also make the machining process more precise, accurate and safe.