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How can we categorize trucks?

Trucks can be categorized in a variety of ways, depending on the specific application or purpose of the truck. Some common ways to categorize trucks include:

  1. By size or weight: Trucks can be classified as light, medium, or heavy-duty based on their weight and payload capacity.
  2. By Purpose: Trucks can be classified by the type of cargo they are designed to carry, such as flatbed trucks, refrigerated trucks, dump trucks, and tanker trucks.
  3. By configuration: Trucks can be classified by their number of axles and wheels, such as single-axle, tandem-axle, and tri-axle trucks.
  4. By Driving Position: Trucks can be classified by the position of the driver, such as a standard truck with the driver seated in front or a cab-over truck with the driver sitting above the engine.
  5. By Power source: Trucks can be classified by their power source, such as gasoline, diesel, electric, or hybrid.
  6. By Brand: Trucks can be classified by the manufacturer such as Ford, GMC, Ram, Volvo, etc.
  7. By Region: Trucks can be classified by the region where they are used, such as American trucks, European trucks, Asian trucks, and so on.

Overall, the specific way to categorize trucks will depend on the context and the purpose of the classification.

Some truck categories :
Agricultural Trailers
Ambulance Vehicles
Automotive Equipment
Beverage Trucks
Booster Trailers
Box Trailers
Box trucks
Bucket (boom) trucks
Cab Chassis trucks
Campers and Caravans
Coach Buses
Concession Trailers
Concrete Mixers
Conventional trucks
Crawler Carriers & Dumpers
Curtainsider Trailers
Dry Bulk & Pneumatic Trailers
Dump Trailers
Dump trucks
Fire Trucks
Flatbed Trailers
Flatbed trucks
Forestry Trailers
Fuel & Lube Trucks
Garbage trucks
Grain Hopper Trailers
Grain Trucks
Livestock Trailers
Lowboy Trailers
Modular Trailers & SPMT
Pickup Trucks
Reefer Trailers
Reefer trucks
School Buses
Septic/Sewer/Vacuum Trucks
Service & Utility Trucks
Swap Bodies
Tanker Trailers
Tanker trucks
Tow trucks
Towable Heaters
Transit Buses
Truck Engines
Winch Trucks