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HE&M Saw – The Company in U.S.A.

HE&M Saw is known for quality and durability with saw machines lasting decades in the field. We continue to lead the industry in new saw technology by setting the standard with more patented innovations than any other band saw manufacturer in the world. We proudly manufacture a variety of band saws for many different cutting applications. HE&M Saw manufactures automatic material handing tables and other customized time-saving features which are available at customer request as options.

Industry Leader. American Made. Since 1964.

HE&M Saw has engineered, designed, and manufactured band saws and material handling equipment for almost 60 years. No other saw manufacturer has the variety of innovations that can turn a saw into a productive Sawing System!

Fluids & Parts

HE&M Saw offers parts for our saws, even for the earliest models. In addition we offer a full line of metalworking fluids, machine lubricants, and miscellaneous items like cleaners and accessories.

Material Handling

Components to move material to, through, and out of the sawing operation efficiently can dramatically improve material flow and productivity. If none of our extensive standard products fits your facility we can custom design something that will!

Custom Engineering

HE&M Saw equipment has always been built on a foundation of solid engineering principles. Our company’s innovations with tried and true results spurred us on early to accept the challenge of custom-designed solutions for our customers.

Saw Inventory

HE&M Saw builds a variety of saw models to offer as “ready-to-ship”, in-stock products that can often be modified with various options as required.