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Which type of CNC Machines would you recommend me to choose between the linear guides and box guides machines?

The type of CNC machine that would be best for you depends on the specific requirements of your application.

Linear guide CNC machines generally offer higher precision and better accuracy in their cuts and movements, and are a good choice for applications that require very high tolerances. They are also typically faster and more efficient than box guide machines.

Box guide CNC machines, on the other hand, are known for their rigidity and stability, and are a good choice for heavy-duty cutting or machining operations that require a lot of force. They are also more durable, and able to handle higher loads than linear guide machines.

In summary, If precision, accuracy and faster machining operations are your main concern, a CNC machine with linear guides is a good choice. If rigidity, stability and heavy-duty cutting are your main concern, then a CNC machine with box guides would be a better choice.