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Which are the top 10 CNC Vertical Machining Center machine manufacturers?

CNC (computer numerical control) Vertical machining center (VMC) machines are used to perform milling, drilling, tapping and other operations on metal and other materials. Here are ten manufacturers that are well-known for producing CNC Vertical machining center:

  2. Makino
  3. FANUC Corporation
  4. Haas Automation
  5. Doosan Machine Tools
  6. Okuma Corporation
  7. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  8. Johnford
  9. Hurco Companies, Inc
  10. Kitamura Machinery Co., Ltd

This list is not exhaustive and in no particular order. It is based on market share, reputation and industry standards in specific countries and industries. Additionally, Depending on the specific type of CNC Vertical machining center (ex: high-speed, heavy-duty, and so on) the ranking can vary.