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What is Vertical Lathe Machine?

A vertical lathe machine is a specialized tool that uses a cutting tool to remove material from the surface of a rotating workpiece. It is called “vertical” because the cutting tool is mounted vertically on a spindle, and the workpiece is rotated horizontally. This is in contrast to a horizontal lathe, where the cutting tool is mounted horizontally and the workpiece is rotated vertically.

Vertical lathes are designed to work with large, heavy workpieces, such as large disks, gears, and other machine components. They are typically used in industries such as aerospace, construction, and heavy machinery manufacturing. They can be used to create a wide range of features on the workpiece, such as grooves, slots, and other complex geometries. The accuracy of the finished part is high and it can be used for a variety of industries .

Vertical lathes come in various sizes and styles, but the basic design features a vertical spindle, a rotary table, and a bed. The bed is the foundation of the machine and supports the rotary table and the spindle. The rotary table holds the workpiece and rotates it to bring different parts of the surface under the cutting tool. The spindle holds the cutting tool and provides the power to turn it.

Many vertical lathes also feature a tailstock, which can be moved along the bed to support the workpiece at the opposite end from the cutting tool. This helps to ensure that the workpiece remains stable and secure while it is being machined. Some vertical lathes can also be equipped with a variety of additional tools and attachments, such as tool holders, indexing tables, and more, to increase their versatility and capability.