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What is the spindle overlapping situation in CNC Machining center machines?

In CNC machining center machines, the spindle is the rotating component that holds the cutting tool. Spindle overlapping refers to the situation where the cutting tool is in close proximity to the workpiece, but not making contact. This can occur when the machine’s control system is set to a specific overlap distance, or when the machine operator manually adjusts the tool position to create a specific overlap.

Spindle overlapping is often used in CNC machining centers as a way to reduce cutting time and increase efficiency. This is because the cutting tool can be moved closer to the workpiece without actually making contact, which reduces the time it takes for the tool to reach the cutting point. Additionally, by reducing the distance between the tool and the workpiece, the cutting forces are also reduced, which can result in a longer tool life and improved surface finish on the machined part.

However, it’s important to note that spindle overlapping also has its drawbacks. As the tool gets closer to the workpiece, the risk of collision between the tool and the workpiece increases. This can cause damage to the tool or the machine, and can also result in poor surface finish on the machined part. Therefore, it’s important to use the correct spindle overlap distance for the specific machining operation and to monitor the tool and workpiece during the machining process to ensure that no collisions occur.