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What is Table type Boring Machine?

A table-type boring machine, also known as a horizontal boring mill, is a machine tool that is used to bore holes in a horizontal direction. It is similar to a floor-type boring machine, but it is smaller in size and is typically mounted on a table, rather than on the floor.

Like floor-type boring machines, table-type boring machines are composed of a bed, a spindle that holds the cutting tool, and a cross-slide that holds the workpiece. The bed is mounted on a series of ways and the cross-slide is mounted on a series of slides, which provide a stable and precise foundation for the machine and the workpiece.

The workpiece is mounted on the cross-slide and is moved along the bed to bring it into the cutting area. A boring head, which is connected to the spindle, is then moved towards the workpiece to begin the boring process. The spindle can be adjusted in the vertical direction to adjust the depth of the hole.

Table-type boring machines are used in many different industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and construction, and they are used to create a wide range of parts, including large castings, forgings, and structural components. They are smaller and more compact than floor-type boring machines and also more versatile, being able to machine a variety of different shapes and geometries.

Table-type boring machines require skilled operators, specialized tooling, and relatively less space as compared to floor-type boring machines. They are also relatively less expensive and require proper maintenance and calibration to ensure accurate and precise boring.