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What is Sub Spindle on CNC Lathe machine?

A sub-spindle on a CNC lathe machine is an additional spindle located on the opposite side of the main spindle. It is used to perform secondary operations on a workpiece that has already been machined on the main spindle. Sub-spindle typically rotates at a high speed, allowing it to perform drilling, tapping, and other types of operations that require high precision.

The sub-spindle is usually located on the back of the main spindle and is connected to the main spindle via a gear train. It is also equipped with its own motor and drive system, which allows it to rotate independently of the main spindle.

The sub-spindle is operated by the CNC controller, which can be programmed to perform a variety of operations on the workpiece. With a sub-spindle, the CNC lathe machine can perform multiple operations on a single workpiece, increasing productivity and reducing the need for multiple machines.

Some of the benefits of using sub-spindle in CNC lathe machines are: -It allows for increased production and efficiency -It can reduce the need for additional machines and setup time -It can improve the accuracy and precision of the finished product -It enables complex parts to be machined in one setup.

It is worth noting that not all CNC lathes are equipped with sub-spindles, so it depends on the specific machine you are using.