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What is Press Brake Machine?

A press brake is a machine tool that is used to bend sheet metal and plate into various shapes. It typically consists of a bed, also called a frame, where the workpiece is held in place, and a punch, which applies force to the workpiece to bend it into the desired shape. Press brakes are also called brake press.

The punch is typically a shaped steel or tungsten carbide die that is mounted on a press ram and is guided by a V-block or similar guide system to ensure precise alignment with the workpiece. The press brake can be operated manually or by CNC (computer numerical control) to bend the workpiece to the precise angle and shape desired.

Press brakes can also be fitted with special equipment such as back gauges, CNC crowning compensation systems, and special tooling for more precise, precise and efficient operation. They are used for a wide range of applications, including the manufacture of automotive parts, aircraft parts, and other components that require precise, consistent bends in sheet metal and plate.

The Press brake machine can be operated by a foot pedal, manual controls or CNC controls, which can be used to program the exact bend angle, depth, and location of the bend. This ensures that the workpiece is bent to the precise angle and shape desired every time.

Press brakes are available in different sizes, with different bed lengths, tonnage capacity and different throat depths to accommodate different size of sheet metal and plate. There are also different types of press brakes, such as hydraulic press brakes, mechanical press brakes, and electric press brakes, each designed for specific applications.

Overall, a press brake is a machine tool that uses a punch and die to bend sheet metal and plate into various shapes. It is widely used in many industries including automotive, aircraft, and general fabrication, where precise and consistent bends are required in sheet metal and plate.