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What is Oberlin Pressure Filter?

Oberlin Pressure Filter is a specific brand of pressure filter manufactured by Oberlin Filter Company, based in Willoughby, Ohio. It’s primarily used for coolant filtration in various industrial applications, such as grinding, honing, and machining.

Here’s what makes Oberlin Pressure Filters unique:

  • Automatic operation: They are fully automated, eliminating the need for manual cleaning or media changes.
  • High efficiency: They can remove up to 99.99% of total suspended solids from liquids, even very fine particles.
  • Dry solids discharge: The filtered solids are discharged as a dry cake, making disposal or recycling easier.
  • Continuous operation: They can operate continuously, providing uninterrupted filtration for extended periods.
  • Various media options: Different filter media can be used depending on the specific application and filtration requirements.

The company offers a range of filter models with different flow rates, capacities, and pressure ratings to cater to diverse industrial needs. You can find more information about their specific models and applications on their website: